Growing Ancestral Foods: Asian American Diaspora Gardening

An inside look at the Asian American Diaspora Workshop we held on May 12th at the @sjsugarden! It was so nourishing to spend a few hours getting to know each other and our ancestral plants, as well as receiving inter generational and multicultural perspectives on planting an Asian diaspora garden. At @earth.orchid ‘s invitation we had some local elders attend the workshop—and we got to tour one elder’s nursery located in the back of her house where she has been growing Vietnamese heritage food for decades 💖

Thank you to @sjsugarden for setting aside a garden bed for our workshop and to the workshop participants for sharing your time with @earth.orchid and I in this journey to explore and strengthen Asian American foodways! Lastly a huge thank you to @sunkissedpr for capturing some of these workshop moments!

Workshop Details:

Facilitated by Earth Orchid and Cultural Roots Nursery, this free workshop on Friday, May 12th, 2023 is for you to learn more about growing plants from the Asian diaspora.

If you’ve ever wondered what are the best ways to grow bitter melon, how much water your Thai basil really needs, or what herbs you can grow in your container garden… come to this workshop.

We’ll do some hands-on planting together, and every participant will have 2 seedlings to take home to your very own garden.

Friday, May 12th, 2023 9AM-11AM,
Register by May 10th.
Location: San Jose State Community Garden @sjsugarden
Yummy snacks and refreshments offered.
Max capacity: 20 people!
Follow link here to Sign-up