Reflections on 2023

I’m grateful that this year that I was able to find time to sit down with SunKissed Productions and talk a bit about my story, as well as some of the motivations and goals behind the nursery.

Featured in the video are scenes from the workshops and harvest dinner that we organized this year thanks to funding from the California BIPOC Agroecology Network (BIPOCAN). We were able to distribute hundreds of free plants and seeds and had 150+ people participate. We’ll be publishing videos of those events soon!

🎥 Please follow @sunkissedpr to see more of their amazing work!

🌱 Special thanks to the other farmers who have collectively tended the nursery and land this year and who also make an appearance in this video: @corey_kiyo, @seedtoskillet, @cjadallah, @marigoldsociety